From: J.A. Pomeroy, Executive Director, Music Enterprises

To: Friends and Patrons of the Fine Arts

Marden Pond’s compositions have been acclaimed by music columnists and reviewers as: “electrifying,” “extraordinary,” “masterful and intricate work,” and “subtle music . . . creating a mood of mystic wonder.” The nationally-respected Fanfare Magazine exclaimed that Dr. Pond’s music is “inventive and well-crafted [and] deserves to be better known.” He has been honored as “one of Utah’s finest composers,” awarded the Utah Governor’s award for “contributions to international understanding,” and is a featured composer in the International Who’s Who of Music & Musicians. The historical and artistic value of his musical creations could be enormous.
Music Enterprises is currently seeking fine-art oriented sponsors to assist in the recording and commissioning of works by Marden Pond. His music has been performed and broadcast internationally, and recorded on more than twelve nationally-distributed albums. However, many of these works, not created for the ubiquitous “pop” market and hence not enjoying superficial commercial success, merit further performances or premiere recordings for an expanded audience.
Please consider becoming a partner with us in the recording of significant musical works by Marden Pond and/or in commissioning new works from this outstanding musical creator. You will note that there are a significant number of works waiting to be made available through new recordings, and that the list of works waiting for commissioning support is exciting. Recording costs (studio time, score preparation, musicians, art design, manufacturing, distribution) are often too high for the composer or for a single patron to undertake. We are hoping to develop a consortium of patrons who will enable these works to be made available to a much wider audience. Since these works are often lengthy musical compositions, fully scored for large ensembles, with extensive research and creative energy required, a great amount of time is also demanded of the composer (sometimes extending over many months or even years). Time schedules and funding amounts are available on request. Creative and recording costs listed with each project are estimates derived from Meet-the-Composer national guidelines, and may be adjusted depending on time schedules and commissioning funds accrued.
Please examine this list of potential recording and commissioning opportunities and contact us at the address or phone number below to become part of this important and far-reaching series. For a portfolio of sample works/recordings by Dr. Pond, please contact our office.
Thank you for your participation in this groundbreaking artistic endeavor.

J.A. Pomeroy, Executive Director
Music Enterprises
P.O. Box 2314 Provo, Utah 84603-2314 (801)356-1407



Immediate funding is being sought for the following projects: (see categories at left)


Explanatory note: Funds for recording projects are required in full before recording can begin. Funds for commissioned projects will be dispersed to the composer as follows: 50% to begin creative work on the project; 50% upon completion of the composition & presentation of the finished score and parts to the performers.

Unless anonymity is requested, contributors to this project will be acknowledged in liner notes (CDs) and printed programs (live premiere performances).

Any individual who underwrites a complete recording project may, if desired, serve as “executive producer” for that project. Any individual who provides complete funding for a commissioned work may specify to whom the work will be dedicated, or if no dedication is specified, have the work dedicated to the commission funder.