Colleague Recommendations

"I have had the opportunity of working with Marden on previous occasions and know that he is a musician of sensitivity and considerable ability. . . . Knowing the composer's style and abilities, we would be delighted to perform the premiere performance of [his next] completed symphony."
Joseph Silverstein, internationally acclaimed conductor and violinist; former concert-master/assistant conductor, Boston Symphony; conductor emeritus, Utah Symphony.

"I . . . feel he is a very fine composer and a dedicated musician. He is also a fine gentleman."
Varujan Kojian, former music director, Swedish National Ballet, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Ballet West, Santa Barbara Symphony.

"He is an outstanding musician and teacher . . . a rare find."
Dr. Robert W. Miller, Chairman, Lionel Hampton School of Music, University of Idaho.

"All too often, when an individual or a group achieves a standard of excellence, that excellence is taken for granted. I wanted you to know how much I have appreciated [Marden's] efforts and how wonderful it makes us all feel when the arts are so well represented."
Lee Johnson, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Eastern Utah.

"Marden Pond is particularly sensitive to the needs of dancers when he writes a score. He is wonderful to work with and meets his deadlines. I am eager to begin a new project using his musical talent and his interest in music for dance."
Shirley Ririe, choreographer; co-director, Ririe/Woodbury Dance Company.

"Marden has a marvelous enthusiasm for his work and tremendous talent and vision as well. It is rare, in my experience, to encounter an artist who combines these qualities with the obvious scholarly depth and breadth possessed by Dr. Pond. This does not apply to his field of choice alone. Marden has a healthy regard for and an excellent grasp of the other disciplines within the Fine Arts."
Randall King, stage director, playwright; Coordinator of Theatre, Utah Valley State College.

"We at the college have also been highly impressed with his unique talents and exemplary dedication. He is a great credit to Utah Valley [State College]."
Dr. Kerry D. Romesburg, president, Utah Valley State College.

“His teaching has been outstanding--of the highest academic quality; but always clear, accessible, and relevant to students' interests. I have worked closely with many of his students; the serious students have repeatedly told me how much they have enjoyed his classes and how much they have learned. The classes themselves are interesting, informative, thorough, highly educational, and entertaining. . . . Dr. Pond continually goes the extra mile, both for students and other faculty members alike. His concern for the students' mastery is indefatigable. He goes far beyond the call of duty in his efforts to contribute to the school and to insure the success of the students, frequently tutoring students for free on his own time. . . Dr. Pond is congenial, exemplary, self-motivated, and giving. I have found him very personable and easy to work with. He maintains high personal and academic standards of excellence, thoroughness, and integrity in his teaching as well as his personal life. His devotion to his work at the school is unquestionable. He is very professional, generous, and supportive of the other teachers.”
Dr. Eda Ashby, Department of Music, Ricks College.

"I want to let you know that I feel comfortable recommending [Marden Pond] to any of our clients looking for scoring or arrangements."
Jim Anglesey, recording engineer, producer.

"As a co-worker he is the most pleasant, competent and cooperative colleague I've ever known."
Anne Applegate, Choral Director, East High School.