Jazz Works

“Desert Flower”*# jazz quartet (1979)
“Cliff Hanger”*# jazz quintet (1979)
“El Arco Grande”*# jazz ensemble (1979)
“Fiery Furnace”*# jazz quartet (1978)
“Freeze Dried” jazz ensemble (1977)
“Gaza Strip” jazz quintet (1968)
“Hot Buttons”* EWI quartet, sax quartet, or string quartet (1996)
“If/Then/And/Or”* jazz ensemble (1991)
“In, But Not Of” jazz quartet (1972)
“Rubber Ducky” (arr.) jazz ensemble (1983)
Suite for Jazz Quintet & Orchestra jazz quintet & orchestra (1968)
“Three’s A Crowd” jazz Ensemble (1968)
“Warm Winter”# jazz quartet (1973)
“The Water Is Wide”# (arr.) jazz ensemble, jazz choir, soloist (1974)
“Ywanamaksupmawvit?” jazz ensemble (1981)

Electronic Works (especially for modern dance)

electronic modern dance score (1991)
“Overture for ElectroMagic Fest” electronic score for presentation in Imax Theater (2002)
“Jennilissa” electronic modern dance score (1991)
Lightgeist*# electronic modern dance score (1991)
"Midsummer Night's Dream"# overture to Shakespearean production (1992)
Modern Dance Educational Laser Disc*# electronic and sampled Score (1991)
Includes: “Ball,” “Bunyip,” “Sticks,” “Symteria”
"Movie Moves" Overture* electronic modern dance score (1987)
"Runway" Computer-sequenced electronic score (1988)
Windows*# electronic modern dance score (1988)

(* = commissioned works or award winners; # = recorded or broadcast works)
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