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Program notes for "Pioneer Sampler," orchestral/choral suite ommissioned by the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission.
Overture to "Pioneer Sampler"
Winter Song from "Pioneer Sampler"
Sparking on a Sunday Night from "Pioneer Sampler"
The Dying Californian from "Pioneer Sampler"
St. George & the Drag-On from "Pioneer Sampler"
Sisters from "Pioneer Sampler"
The Jolly Wagoneer from "Pioneer Sampler"
Whoa Haw Buck from "Pioneer Sampler"
Come, Come, Ye Saints from "Pioneer Sampler"
Behold, from "Psalms of Nephi"
O Lord, Wilt Thou from "Psalms of Nephi"
Awake from "Psalms of Nephi"
I Will Lift from "Psalms of Nephi"
And Feed His Sheep (vocal solo)
Battle Hymn of the Republic -- cover page
Battle Hymn of the Republic -- program notes
Battle Hymn of the Repulic (with portions of the Gettysburg Address, and "taps"), for SATB chorus, piano, organ, two trumpets. (Band accompaniment available.)
Oh, Ye Fair Ones (male chorus)
I Stand All Amazed (SATB, piano)
I Wonder As I Wander (Appalachian Christmas song, for SATB and piano)
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief (women's voices, violin, flute, piano)
Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire (mens voices, organ)
Concerto for Trumpet, 1st movement
Concerto for Trumpet, 2nd movement
Concerto for Trumpet, 3rd movement
Let's Roll - concert march for symphonic band. Written in commoration of those who give their lives, or put their lives in peril, in service to others.
Excerpt from American Folk Medley, from the CD "Let Freedom Ring"
Do You Hear the People Sing? from the CD "Let Freedom Ring" (SATB, orchestra, piano solo)
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor -- from the CD "Let Freedom Ring" (SATB, orchestra, solo piano)
Patriotic Medley from the CD "Let Freedom Ring"
Celebration -- overture commissioned by the Snowbird Institute, Utah Valley State College, and the Utah Valley Symphony